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Who We Are

T&Team Venture Capital Partners was founded by Tomer Sofinzon. Tomer is the General Partner and the principal investment manager, responsible for the capital deployment.

Prior to founding T&Team Venture Capital Partners, Tomer founded and was CEO of 2030 Group, a global innovation group for Crypto and DLT, where he was a member of its Board of Directors and the group’s Executive Committee. Tomer spent over 20 years between Europe, the United States and Israel focusing solely on technology innovation, venture capital and angel investments. A serial entrepreneur and a passionate activist championing the role of technology in transforming society for the greater good, Tomer has founded 12 startups and invested both as an angel and a VC in 50+ startups, many of which were successfully acquired or went to IPO. An experienced business developer and deal-maker, Tomer has raised over $500M for his personal and professional portfolio companies.



With the rise of Alternative Investments, Family Offices, UHNWIs, and Institutional Investors increasingly want to get exposure to high quality venture capital deals with technology companies, but many times lack the internal resources to articulate, design and execute an end-to-end VC strategy and capability. Those Investment Managers typically can be found at VC funds and raise capital from these investors, rather than work for them. Therefore, investing in VC funds was the traditional path to get exposure to private tech companies.

However, those investors usually prefer to invest in direct deals, primarily due to the long-term capital commitment, the costs and the complexities that are usually associated with investing in VC funds, as well as less control (and sometimes the opacity) on the funds' execution and outcomes.  Can there be a way to "eat the cake and have it too"?



The First VC-as-a-Service Offering

The Investor hires T&Team on an annual retainer with quarterly payments to lead and manage the VC activity and tailor their VC business as per what we define together: strategy design (sectors, stages, geographies, ticket size etc), deal-flow mgt, startups selection, DD, negotiations, board representations, follow-up, exit, etc.
The main advantage is that the Investors can finally "eat the cake and have it too": they get all the benefits of having a “tailor made General Partner” of high quality AND they get at the same time all the benefits of a "Direct Investment", i.e.: they don't need to tie themselves into a long term 10 or 15 years VC fund, it costs them significantly less to retain T&Team than to pay the typical annual mgt fees as well as much less than the typical Carried Interest of a VC fund, and they will also own proportionately a much larger share of their chosen investments which will result in a much larger exit than the traditional VC fund return.

To be clear: the Investors invest DIRECTLY in each selected company, like they prefer to do with all their investments.

It's just that T&Team does all the leg-work for you. We do the work; you reap the benefits, the returns and the glory.

That's what we mean by "eating the cake and having it too" :)

This is the best way for UHNWIs, Family Offices, and Institutional Investors to tap into our deep expertise, unique experience and vast networks into high quality founders and entrepreneurial ecosystems most effectively and efficiently.



How It Works

T&Team offers 4 plans depending on the number of deals per year that the investor wants to do with a 10% Success Fee on profits realised.

Step 1: We begin the process with a thorough yet efficient deep dive in understanding the investor's needs and who s/he is: what domain expertise they have? What type of founders would they prefer to work with? Any preferences or restrictions on sectors, geographies, stage? Do they like to invest alone or in syndicate, to lead a round or follow? What is the typical ticket size they invest, over how many rounds?

Step 2: We craft the investment thesis and design the investment strategy. This is where T&Team will advise on particular sectors, geographies and stages to pay attention to. We will map the ecosystems we will target and from where we'll generate our deal-flow for the that particular thesis and strategy chosen.

Step 3: We will start generating the deal-flow, leveraging our proprietary networks, and select companies for investment. Each company presented will be confirmed to be exclusively introduced by T&Team. We don't waste your time with companies we would not have invested ourselves. The companies we present are all pre-vetted, and have a clear thesis and strategy on how they will become a success. We've been doing that and ONLY THAT for 25 years, and proud ourselves to find the hidden gems that others won't. However, the final decision to invest is the investor's and the investor's alone.


Step 4: We enter negotiation with the startups on behalf of our clients and conduct DD. As true specialists, we know how to perform DD on tech companies like most traditional don't.

Step 5: With the support of our client we execute the deal together with them and on their behalf as a Direct Investment in the selected company.

Step 6: We continue to monitor the startups and work with them to add value and increase their growth potential, including supporting them in subsequent rounds. At our client request, we take a board representation, and usually at least a board observer role.

Step 7: Comes exit time, we help our portfolio founders execute the best possible outcome to maximise shareholders value for our clients.



Delight Your Clients

Our VC-as-aService is a great product that Family Offices can offer their families or for Private Banks, Fund Administrators, Advisors, Lawyers or Accountants to offer their clients or for Institutional Investors to tap into deep expertise Investment-Manager "On Demand".
Our product is particularly appealing and complementary to Family Offices, Private Banks Fund Administrators, Advisors, Lawyers and Accountants (making them rather our natural partners), since T&Team is exclusively focused on venture capital, investment in innovation and special situations in high growth sectors (predominantly technology related).


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